Waiting games improve your memory, vocabulary, grammar, social skills, and attention skills.

The Category Game

Take turns describing an object so the other person can guess what it is.  Tell the category; what is does, where you find it, what is made of, who uses it, the size, smell etc.


What is big enough to hold in your hand?

  • It has a sweet smell.
  • It is green.
  • It is shaped like a light bulb.
  • It is tasty.
  • It is a fruit.

ANSWER: a pear

* After each clue wait for an answer, and then give another clue.   Or you can give two clues at a time.

Shirley Woods is the speech-language pathologist at ECC. In the school setting, the speech-language pathologist assesses, screens, and diagnoses communications skills, designs and implements treatments, generates and manages the records, and is a member of the interdisciplinary team for students enrolled in this facility.  Areas of therapy include speech, oral motor, language, fluency, voice, pragmatics, auditory and visual perception, and written language.