Spring is here! We are all thrilled to get to spend more time outside as the weather improves. It’s an exciting time of new growth in nature and at ECC.

Our education program at ECC is also growing. We hired a new IEP (Individual Education Plan) Coordinator and a new Director of Education. Working with ECC’s educators, both are focused on enhancing ECC’s academics and increasing experiential learning opportunities. We also revamped our early elementary program for kindergarten through second grade. This program prepares students to be successful as they advance, and ideally transition to less restrictive environments.

I hope you will take advantage of this lovely weather to spend more time outside with your child. Research indicates that you and your child can benefit from being outside in nature. Nature lovers, health enthusiasts, and mental health practitioners stress the benefits of outdoor activities for children and adults. It has been cited as helping make attention deficit disorder and autism more manageable. Outdoor play helps children with special needs have fun and connect with the restorative benefits of nature and the environment, while building on skills learned in the classroom.

Located on seven tree filled acres and walking distance from Rock Creek Park, we provide opportunities for our students to enjoy the outdoors. We have also created a gardening program with elevated garden beds that allows our students to experience the lifelong health, education and well-being benefits of gardening.

Parents — we are always here to support you and your child. Please contact us if we can help in some way. Happy spring!