Share Your Memories of ECC

Do you have a fond memory of the Episcopal Center for Children (ECC)? Did ECC touch your life for the better? You might have a fond memory of a classmate, staff member or teacher at ECC. Or maybe you attended an event on the grounds or worked here. We want to hear your memories and tributes. Please share your comments and thoughts below in our guest book.

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Regina Lenaghan wrote on July 18, 2016:
I was a actually a member of ECC I was the first girl to go into Residence there. I remember Alan Kotz and his secretary and of course Emily F Gilman which I know is Married to John Pleasant. I learned so much there. And my teacher was ms. Brown. I never wanted to go home. I love the activities there and the staff was great. I remember I got sting by a bee there and I had to go to the nurses station and I used to hang around and talk with the staff...I always thought of that place after I left ed. And I still missed all the wonderfull staff that worked with me cuz without you I wouldn't be where I am today..Thank you
Kellee McCluney wrote on September 22, 2015:
I met Mr. Korz as a little girl. I bounced through the halls with my father, Bill McCluney, who worked alongside Mr. Korz. My memories at ECC always include the kind-hearted people like Mr. Korz who always displayed an unwavering desire to help the students be greater. It was my time spent at ECC that helped me realize I wanted to do the same thing for children. Were it not for my time spent at ECC I'm not sure I would be working with Exceptional Students. I love what I do and I always give credit to Mr. Korz, the staff at ECC, and my father - of course! I am sad to hear of Mr. Korz retiring but the students and staff at ECC have been blessed to have had him at the helm. Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Korz!
Sheila Tiedemann wrote on May 15, 2015:
I learned of the Episcopal Center first as a volunteer and then as an employee. After I retired, I served on the Board of Directors and I continue still as a member of the ECC Auxiliary Board of volunteers. It is impressive to see the program in operation and the dedication of the staff. The fact that the specialized staff members continue to work there for thirty-some years (when higher salaries are elsewhere, I'm sure), tells me how special a place ECC is, and what a special Director and person Alan is. -- I, like everyone, wish him all the best as he moves on to a well-deserved retirement.
Linda Kenny wrote on April 10, 2015:
Many years ago someone said to me the hardest way to be in life was even, neither up nor down but consistently the same. Alan Korz fits that description. I have worked for Alan for twenty three years and in that time I have never seen him rude, unkind or demeaning. His courtesy extends to everyone! Gentleman is truly the apt word for Alan. He is a role model for all his employees and for the children and families we serve. He has developed a fine and unique organization in the Episcopal Center and he has made a difference. He has set a sturdy base for an organization that will continue to grow and thrive. He will be sorely missed and always in our hearts.