PhilChairman of the Board, The Episcopal Center for Children

What first brought you to the Episcopal Center for Children?
I first learned of the Center and the help it was providing to young children 10 years ago. At the time I was running a national program providing economic relief to nonprofits by helping them save money. Ever since then, ECC was on my radar. When invited to join the Board of Directors in 2014 I was pleased and happy to serve.
Why have you taken on this role as Chairman of the Board of Directors?
The simple answer is that I was elected by the Board to be its new Chair and have vowed to serve the Board in any fashion I can. More specifically however I have been running nonprofits, and serving on their boards, for many years. I feel this is a good time to help the Center expand upon its solid reputation of therapeutic and educational services by leading the Board through exciting new opportunities.
What impresses you about The Center?
Without a doubt the most impressive aspect of the ECC is its dedicated staff of trained professionals. Each and every one of them views their contribution to the Center as far more than just a job. They truly love the community of children at the Center and the positive influence they are having on their young lives. I’ve never seen such close and sincere dedication to helping children with so many challenging needs.
What do you consider to be The Center’s biggest challenges in the coming future?
Growing to meet the needs of an increasing population of children with special requirements. The Center has transitioned to a dynamic new leader and this presents an enormous opportunity to raise the level of care to new heights and expand services. This will open new challenges while at the same time allow us to increase our services to the children and parents in the surrounding school jurisdictions.
Can you share with us any goals you have for your tenure as Chair?
My first and most pressing goal is to provide board support and leadership for our new President/CEO, Dodd White. Dodd comes to us with years of relevant experience and needs a strong board that can help him grow the Center and meet the challenges ahead. All of us at ECC are standing on the shoulders of those who have come before, board and staff, and we have an obligation to make them proud of the Episcopal Center for Children in the years and decades to come.