What’s next for The Episcopal Center for Children (ECC)? It’s a question that our Board of Directors and staff have worked to answer since the temporary closure of our therapeutic school in June 2019.

Over the past 125 years, it has been necessary several times for ECC to update its mission and to re-focus its efforts to best serve children and families. In the late 1950s the ECC closed for two years as it advanced from an orphanage to a residential treatment and education program.

Similarly, the ECC is currently considering how best to move forward to resume as a nonprofit school to address the educational and emotional needs of children, especially children with emotional challenges. Given the challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic, projecting a start date to return such programming has been difficult. We aim to resume operations in fall 2022.

ECC is also planning to open an after school enrichment program for grades pre-K-3 children in the winter of 2022. Engaging activities will be offered to cultivate fun recreational, educational, and social experiences for children led by trained staff with adherence to all D.C guidelines for COVID-19 safety protocols.

Since June 2019, the ECC has also been responsive to new partnerships. In February 2021, we signed a long-term land lease with Maret School to share our grounds and the smallest of our four buildings.

Our historic buildings require a fair amount of maintenance and enhancements. As such work unfolds in the coming months, the ECC will be engaging in building renovations to improve and ready our facilities for exciting new programming.

We appreciate the many kind words and support that has been extended from the community as we continue toward our next chapter.

Board of Directors
Episcopal Center for Children
Washington, D.C.