Referrals to The Episcopal Center for Children may come from public schools, public agencies, parents, clinics, private hospitals, physicians or other sources. Children are accepted regardless of race, color, ethnic or national origin, religion or financial status of the family. Most students are referred by their local school systems because the public or non-public options previously available did not meet all of their needs. Publicly referred students are financially supported by the referring school system.

Prior to referring a child to the Center, your child’s need for special education services and treatment must be determined by the local school system’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) team. Upon determination of need, the referral to the Center is made by your child’s IEP Team. Once the referral is made, an intake meeting is scheduled. Criteria for acceptance to the Center are:

  • The child is between the ages of 5 to 11 at time of admission.
  • The child’s cognitive ability is such that they can benefit from the program.
  • The child resides within the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area.
  • The Center has an existing peer group for the child.
  • The child must have a DSM-V diagnosis.
  • The child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) must be able to support and work with the child’s treatment plan.

Please contact The Center. We welcome the opportunity to tell you about our program and services. We are happy to discuss your child’s situation and assist you in finding the appropriate placement.We invite you and your child to tour The Center and meet with our dedicated staff, including teachers, therapists, psychologist, and others during your visit.

Upon formal acceptance by the referring school system, your child can usually attend The Center within a day. However, the transportation can often take up to 10 days to schedule.

Parents may also arrange to privately pay tuition. Payment plans are available.

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